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Getting started,
follow these steps to get your club ready!


  1. MANDATORY | Tournament & Club Director Meetings will be held at the end of September or Early October. Watch for more details.
    • Returning Directors who want an in depth meeting into all the required software systems, suggested business practices, Q & A & More!
    • Any NEW club and/or director. If you are a NEW director who has taken over an existing club.
    • Tournament Directors Meeting 
      • Any club/organization requesting to host a tournament in the 2024-25 season . 
    • ALL Club Directors Meeting 
      • ALL returning directors & NEW Club Directors MUST attend or a club representative MUST be present. 

2. Submit a Club Activation Form & Club Director Code of Conduct. 

2024-2025 Club Activation Form

Submit this form EVERY season to activate your club.

 Access ERVA REQUIRED club management systems

  • SportsEngine HQ | Member management & event rosters
  • Advanced Event Systems (AES) | ERVA Region/Club Tournament registration,
  • OTHER sites may be required depending on which events you are signing up for. Create accounts in advance of registration open dates to ensure your teams are ready to be registered. 
  • View MORE System Resources farther down on this webpage

Add ERVA Office to your SportsEngine HQ account so the Region Office may assist with training, troubleshooting etc.

2. Register/renew your USAV Requirements to be a Club Director, additional requirements may apply to be a coach on top of the requirements listed below.


  • Minimum membership required for Club Director is Adult with Safety Requirements if you are NOT coaching OR ERVA Coach Membership if you plan to coach.
  • Background Screen MUST be current
  • SafeSport Certification MUST be current
  • Additional USAV & ERVA waivers

ALL requirements will be listed in your SportsEngine account upon registration based on your role. Complete ALL the requirements listed in your account to be eligible for your role.

Purchase Bulk Background Screening Codes

If you want to purchase background screening codes for your club staff use the link below. USAV will email discounts codes within 24 hours (business days only).

Purchase USAV Bulk Background Screenings

Purchase multiple background screenings at once. USAV will provide discount codes via email which you can provide to your club staff to enter at checkout of their Background Screen.

3. Submit Tryout Form

  • Clubs may hold open tryouts, positional tryouts or makeup tryouts if needed.
  • Tryouts are NOT required, if you have a team you may activate the club 
  • ERVA will approve submitted tryouts and post on ERVA website. Approved tryouts will be covered by USAV/ERVA insurance as long as other requirements have been met
  • Tryouts must abide by ERVA tryouts policies/guidelines. See Participant's Handbook & Offer & Acceptance Agreement.

2024-2025 Tryout Form

Submit this form to the Region Office to receive approval for your tryouts and post on the ERVA website (if desired)

4. Submit Tournament Request Form, if you are interested in hosting an event during the Junior Club season.

  • See Tournament Resources page for more info on hosting: CLICK HERE

2024-2025 Tournament Request Form

Submit this form to request to host an indoor tournament during the Junior Club Season.

Junior Boys & Youth 11 and under events can be submitted at ANY TIME. First come, first serve.

  1. Junior Girls
    • Historic Tournament, same host club, dates/weekends| Deadline: Opens August 1, 2024- September 15, 2024
      1. 2nd historic tournaments in an age group will not be approved until after new requests are reviewed
      2. 1 tournament per age group will be awarded 1st, please indicate which tournaments in each age division are your 1st choice
      3. NEW tournament requests
        1. NEW weekends, new events can be submitted starting September 16, 2024 | First Come, First Served for new events


5. View the Junior Tournament Calendar to plan which events you will sign up for on Tournament Sign Up day. * subject to change, check often*

Approved events will be listed on the ERVA website & AES once event directors submit their sanction forms.

ERVA Junior Event Calendar

Season club hosted and region hosted events, meetings and important dates for Junior Club Teams. * Subject to change and information added frequently, check back often for updates*

6. Submit Team Registration Form & Pay Fees- Available October 1, 2024

  • Any tournament playing team in or out of Region must submit the Registration Form & Fees each season. 
  • Scrimmage or youth teams do not need to submit fees.

2024-25 Team Registration Form

Activate and pay for your team fees for the season. | REQUIRED for all tournament playing team


7. Submit Ref/Score Request Form 

For clubs wanting to host an in person ref/score clinic

8. Rule Book Request

  • Coach & Full Adult Member ($65 membership) may receive a rule book upon request.
  • Tournament Directors may request additional rule books for their site managers.
  • Rule books will be mailed by the Region Office once received from USAV.

Club Director Forms Google Drive Access

This Google Drive provides access to club administrative forms, templates, tutorials and MORE all in one place. Material added throughout the season as needed.

NEW CLUBS: Accessing YOUR SportsEngine HQ

Once you activate your club using the form above within 24-48 hours your club will be approved and given access to the USA Volleyball portion of the SE HQ. 

You will use your SE login to access the club HQ by clicking on MY ORGANIZATIONS once logged in. 

Clubs do not need to purchase the Premium SportsEngine HQ.  All clubs receive access to the free HQ version and that will be enough to manage your club.  The premium version does have more features, but is not required to be purchased.


Once you claim your SportsEngine HQ, you’ll have access to step by step articles and videos on the functionality of this new system.  As we move through the season training material will be provided to help guide you through the current point in the season.

If you would like to view training material ahead of time you will need to login to your SportsEngine account in order to view articles and videos.  Use the link provided below to access the training materials.

Club Administrator-SportsEngine Playbook


These documents are intended to walk club directors through the basics of getting started in the Member Management System and completing important tasks in the system. 

  • How to generate a club specific club assignment link.
    • This will allow members to purchase a membership while affiliating to your club OR link an existing membership to your club. 
    • This step is REQUIRED for ALL players and staff to be eligible to be rostered.


  • Adding Season, Adding Teams, & Syncing with USAV/Region
  • Creating rosters, adding jersey numbers and printing rosters.

MUST have Official Roster PRINTED to turn in at EVERY tournament. NO EXCEPTIONS. 

Advanced Event Systems (AES)


ERVA uses AES for event management & tournament registration for any of the club hosted or ERVA hosted events.  You will need access to this system to sign up for events on ERVA Tournament sign up day.

Other events outside of ERVA may use different tournament management software, make sure you check with the tournament website to see how you register for their specific event. 


The USAV MMS is integrated with AES, our tournament management system.  You will use your SportsEngine login to also access the AES system. 

NOTE: A team can only be removed or edited if it has not been registered to an event for the current season.
  1. Sign in to the AES dashboard. 
  2. On the top of the screen, click Management > Clubs
  3. In the list, find and click the desired Club Name.
  4. On the left navigation under Club Details, click on the Teams tab. 
  5. Click on the desired team name to edit individually, or edit directly on the team list (only if not registered).

What is 'Rank'?
If you have more than one team in a given age division, then rank equals the strength of the team within that division for your club.  For example, if you have two 16 & Under teams, Rank "1" would be the better team within that age division.  If you have only one team in a given age division the rank is ALWAYS "1".


Located under Club Info.

SportsEngine Integration. Connect your HQ to pull in eligible members and pair team rosters.  

USAV Import. You will need to use the Add Governing Season Integration in addition to the SportsEngine Integration.

Pair Teams. Go to your team list to select eligible teams from your HQ after integration.

Tournament Sign-Up Day is in December each season, check the ERVA Calendar for exact date. This is when you will register your teams to participate in any Sanctioned Tournaments during the 2 season. 

You will use your SportsEngine account login to access/create an AES account. Prior to Tournament Sign-Up Day, you will need to register with Advanced Event Systems (AES). 

ERVA Event Sanctioning & USAV Insurance Coverage

As a Region of USA Volleyball, ERVA is able to extend member benefits to our Member Clubs. 

ERVA offers event sanctioning for Junior programming such as practices, camps/clinics, leagues, tournaments and MORE!

Here's a few:

  1. Evidence of Coverage Insurance for your event facility.
  2. Individual Sports Accident Coverage for participants during all ERVA/USAV sanctioned events 
  3. Prizes and Giveaways, not all events qualify. Inquire with Region Office!
  4. Promotion of your tournament, league, or event through our website and social media channels

Visit out Event Sanctioning & USAV Insurance Coverage page to LEARN MORE!

Event Sanctioning

Learn MORE about sanctioning your events, requesting insurance certificates etc.

ERVA Club Partners

Baden Sports

Richard Scott

Baden Division Manager

Phone: 253-883-5172

Gear Up Sports

Olivia Moody

Account Representative

Phone: 971-340-9886

USAV Gender Competition Guidelines (2023-24 Season)

Transgender athletes must request permission to participate by submitting a request to the chair of the Gender Commission (GC). Requests should be sent to

The vast majority of athletes are expected to compete as a member of the gender assigned at the time of birth on their birth certificate. The goal of these USA Volleyball (USAV) Gender Competition Guidelines is to permit athletes to compete in the gender with which they identify, while maintaining competitive equity.

The athlete’s gender selection is made at the time of USAV membership purchase, and it is captured in the member’s Profile as well as in the USAV Verified/Membership information section. The available gender options are male, female, and non-binary.

While the athlete/USAV member can change their Profile gender at any time, only USAV and Region administrators can change the USAV Verified/Membership gender. The USAV Verified/Membership gender is considered the competition gender, although it does not mean that the athlete’s/USAV member’s gender has officially been verified.

To view full policy on the USAVolleyball website, please us the link below.

USAV Gender Competition Guidelines

Use the link above to view the USAV process for approval.

Waiver Eligibility & Application Process


The Evergreen Region Executive Board has the ability to grant waivers for players who need to play in a younger age group or on a girls team for developmental purposes, or who because of their geographical location have limited opportunities to participate. WAIVERS WILL BE GRANTED ON A LIMITED BASIS BY THE ERVA EXECUTIVE BOARD. 

Waivers are only valid within the Evergreen Region. Teams with an age waivered player who travels outside the Region must notify the tournament director and seek approval for the player to participate.


WAIVER APPLICATIONS DUE Dates & Board Review Dates:

  • Waivers MUST be submitted online by either September 15th OR December 1st to be considered by the ERVA Board of Directors.
  • The ERVA Executive Board will review submitted waivers:
    • ALL Applications submitted by September 15th will be reviewed at one time by no later than October 31st.
    • ALL Applications submitted after September 15th- December 1st will be reviewed at one time by no later than December 15th

Waiver Application Process

  1. Club Director must complete the application in full by September 15th OR December 1st. 
  2. The ERVA Executive Board will review.
    • Applications submitted by September 15th by no later than October 31st.
    • Applications submitted by December 1st will be reviewed by no later than December 15th.
  3. If the waiver is granted, it will apply to Evergreen Region Sanctioned Events ONLY. 
  4. This  waiver DOES NOT apply for tournaments outside of the Evergreen Region. Contact the tournament director for approval and instructions on how to roster the player for those events.
  5. Girls age waivered player will NOT be eligible for USAV National Bid tournaments i.e., PNQ OR ERVA Bid Tournament OR the Girls' Junior National Championships (GJNC) at the waivered division.
  6. U12 Boys waived to play on a girls team will NOT be eligible for ERVA Power League, USAV National Bid tournaments i.e., PNQ OR ERVA Bid Tournament OR the Girls' Junior National Championships (GJNC) at the waivered division. 

If granted, the applicant's club coach MUST have a copy of the approved waiver with them at all times when competing in ERVA sanctioned tournaments.

* Waivers are NOT guaranteed to be approved, please make sure there is a back up plan for the player in case the waiver is not approved*


BOYS to PLAY on Girls Teams

  • Any boy above the USAV Age Definition U12 Category will not be eligible to compete on a girls team.
  • Eligible U12 boys may submit a waiver request to play on a U14 or below girls team if the following criteria is met :
    • There is NOT an all boys team within 30 miles and in the current age division or 1 division higher.  i.e., U12 or U14 division (since odd age groups play into the even age divisions at regional competitions 1 age division higher is considered the U14 division).
    • Boys approved to play on a girls team may NOT play on the 1st ranked girls’ team if there is more than 1 team in the club in the same age division. For example: 14-1, 14-2, 14-3.
    • Girls teams with approved U12 boys are NOT eligible to participate in ERVA U14/U16 Power League events.
  • Eligible U12 boys may not submit a waiver if they meet the following criteria:
    • If there is an all boys team within 30 miles and within the current age division or one age division higher:
      • The boy must play on a all boys team.
      • Boys are allowed to  practice with a girls’ team with club/coach approval

Additional Resources


This presentation, built through collaboration with the USAV Officials Commission and regional leadership, provides the most current information and examples of pitfalls to avoid. It will assist teams and vendors design uniforms that are legal for USAV play and we strongly urge all clubs and teams to review this short presentation before purchasing uniforms! A wise investment of 10 minutes.



The Rules Advisory Commission and Regions have developed a plan to help teams ensure they have legal uniforms for the 2018-2019 season. Teams may use this website to have uniforms reviewed prior to ordering if they are unsure of the uniform design, number contrast, or Libero uniform contrast. This process will assist officials, clubs, players, and fans online and in the gyms identify players on the court.

If a team has a question on a current uniform, they can seek assistance from the USAV Rules Interpreter. If a uniform is not compliant, USAV will work with the teams to find a solution that will be in effect for all Bid, Qualifier, and National Events. Regions may make their own decisions for in-region events. Please help us help you avoid any issues with your uniforms this season!


Develop a Club Handbook that reflects your vision and policies. Each ERVA club is required to have a club handbook. 

 Step-by-step through the process and procedures of starting a Junior Volleyball Club with the Evergreen Region of USA Volleyball.