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Tryout Information


2024-2025 ERVA Junior Girls Tryout Periods 

U12-U18 | Summer Tryout/Signing Period | July 27-August 4, 2024   Clubs can offer tryouts, signups on or any time during this time frame. 

A DEAD Period will follow this time frame and NO offers, tryouts will be allowed until the Fall Tryout Period begins again on November 1, 2024 and any time thereafter.

  • Please be aware clubs DO NOT have to offer open tryouts.
    • Offers may be extended to players without a tryout or
    • Teams may offer positional only tryouts based on the teams need. 
  • Contact the clubs in your area to inquire when they plan to offer tryouts or sign ups.

2024-2025 ERVA Junior Boys

Junior Boys clubs may conduct tryouts at any time. Each club MUST submit a tryout request form and receive approval PRIOR to hosting the tryout. 

We encourage NEW & RETURNING players/families to take the time to review the YouTube videos below regarding the tryout process and the Offer & Acceptance policy.

We also offer additional Family Resources to provide assistance on questions to ask clubs and other topics for consideration. 

EDUCATE yourself on the process so you are able to find the BEST FIT for your athlete!

How to Print/Save Your Membership Card or Get Member ID

Click here for a tutorial on how to access, print/save your SE membership card or access your Member ID in your SE account.

View Tryout Schedule for Clubs

Link to view the submitted tryouts for our clubs

Age Definitions

This chart will determine which age division an athlete is eligible based on their birth month and year.

Gender Competition Guidelines 

View our Family Resources page for additional tips on researching and selecting a club! 

The vast majority of athletes are expected to compete as a member of the gender assigned at the time of birth on their birth certificate. The goal of these USA Volleyball (USAV) Gender Competition Guidelines is to permit athletes to compete in the gender with which they identify, while maintaining competitive equity.

The athlete’s gender selection is made at the time of USAV membership purchase, and it is captured in the member’s Profile as well as in the USAV Verified/Membership information section. The available gender options are male, female, and non-binary.

While the athlete/USAV member can change their Profile gender at any time, only USAV and Region administrators can change the USAV Verified/Membership gender. The USAV Verified/Membership gender is considered the competition gender, although it does not mean that the athlete’s/USAV member’s gender has officially been verified.

USAV Gender Competition Guidelines

Use the link above to review the full USAV Policy and Process for approval

How to Prepare for Club Tryouts

YouTube Tutorials on the Tryout Process


Below is an example of the document Clubs will present to each athlete to officially offer them a spot on their team for the season. 

Please review the document prior to the tryout period and ask questions of the club/coach if they arise. 

ERVA Junior Club Offer & Acceptance Process

Forms & Documents

Click above to see the document clubs will present to athletes when offering them a spot on a team. READ THROUGH ALL AGREEMENTS CAREFULLY BEFORE SIGNING.

For Families & Players

Tryout Rules: The Evergreen Region has policies regarding when and how clubs can contact junior players and their families. These rules are designed to protect the interests of the player and/or family while allowing them to seek necessary information from clubs.

For Families & Players

Bring a copy of this form to every tryout. Chosen club will keep a copy of this on file for the season.

*We recommend filling it out once and then making multiple copies to turn in as needed*