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Family Resources


We strive to make each club volleyball experience a positive one, and parents play a key role in ensuring that. In order to support and educate our volleyball parents, we've developed the ERVA Parent Guide and provided links to some other helpful resources. Club volleyball can be the most fun parents and kids have together in middle and high school years, so focus on the time spent together. It’s their road, but you can enjoy the ride!

This guide helps prepare you for the processes of tryouts, selecting a club and more.  Selecting a club is a season long commitment so we encourage everyone to take their time when accepting an offer.

Each club operates under ERVA Policies but are able to operate as independent businesses. You will see clubs have different business models from one another.

You make a lot of decisions where to "shop or take your business" as a consumer, make sure you take the same level of consideration when selecting a club! You are the club's customers and you have the right to feel confident and comfortable with your decision.

If you have more questions don't hesitate to contact us! 

Tryout Information and Selecting a Club

How do I Select a Club?

Each club and team determines its own tournament and travel schedule; some travel a great deal, while others stay more local. Selecting a club is a family decision and takes some research. Although clubs must abide by general ERVA and USA Volleyball rules, each club is different in the way they run their organization and train their athletes. It is important to know these differences when selecting the right club for your family.

Questions to Ask a Potential Club

  • What is the club philosophy? To win? To improve? To have fun?
  • What is the tryout and commitment process at your club? Are you a no- cut club?
  • What is expected of coaches? What are the club coaches’ credentials?
  • Which age group teams are they fielding this season?
  • Can my son or daughter play other sports during the volleyball season?
  • When, where and how often are practices? 
  • Are practices mandatory? What if my child misses a practice? Misses a tournament?
  • Will teams practice/play over the school holidays (Winter Break & Spring Break)?
  • How far will teams travel? How often will they travel?
  • How long is the season?
  • Cost? What will the expenses be for the season? Is it due up front? Is there an itemized report of dues? Is there a payment schedule?
  • How many players will be selected for each team?
  • What is expected of players in the club?
  • Will my son or daughter be expected to fundraise?
  • Is the club a non-profit organization?

Spending time researching your options will help you have the best season possible. If you need assistance in the process, the ERVA Office is happy to help. Please keep in mind we do not endorse any one club over another, but can help you in thinking about what goes into the decision and other questions you may want to ask clubs.

ERVA Tryout Information and Tips

While the Evergreen Region sets an allowable start date for tryouts, each club selects their own tryout schedule. We encourage you to contact each club directly to determine how their tryout process will work. View our Tryout Information Page for Additional Resources

Other Helpful Resources

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