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Doing what we love, helping those we love

Starting in the 2022-23 season two long standing non-profit organizations, INK and Spike2Care will join efforts with the Evergreen Region Volleyball Association and merge under their non-profit organization umbrella. The name of the Scholarship & Grants program through ERVA will be Spike2Care which will include the operation of the INK tournament. 

The mission and goals of each organization will remain intact and are to fundraise through different events to be able to offer scholarships and grant programs for individual members and member clubs/programs of the Evergreen Region.

Scholarships, Grants & Other Funding

S2C-INK Junior Player Scholarships

Junior club players seeking assistance with their club dues, travel for the 2023-24 season.

Other S2C Assistance

We are a resource for those in need of assistance whether it be a serious medical issue or a hardship in your life that may prevent you from participating in the game you love.

Inland NW Klassic

Learn more about INK

Program Development Grants

These grants are focused on growing development areas within the Evergreen Region such as Youth, Boys, Outdoor, Sitting, and Diversity & Inclusion.

Want to help? You can donate in a few different ways:

Donation Options:

  • Donate to the general Spike2Care scholarship/grant programs
    • Indicate if you would like to donate to the JUNIOR or ADULT Division
    • Donations will be placed into the general fund to distribute to applicants annually
  • Donate to a SPECIFIC member in need of assistance
    • Junior player who needs assistance with their club dues
    • Member who needs assistance due to extreme hardship
    • You will indicate the member’s full name and contact information so we may ensure the funds you donate go directly to their need.
  • Event Donation
    • Help support a specific event by indicating your donation would like to go to help operate the specific event.
    • If you are interested in an EVENT SPONSORSHIP then please contact us directly for information regarding SPONSORSHIPS,

DONATE to Spike2Care while being the envy of fashion! Jump on in, get your gear on, and get out there and play ball! Merchandise is available at S2C and ERVA hosted events throughout the year!


Spike2Care Tournaments

2023-2024 Indoor Tournament Schedule

Spike2Care hosts various adult events throughout the year in varying formats. These events help raise funds for the Spike2Care Assistance programs.

Special events may be hosted as specific fundraiser for members in need. If you'd like to nominate a member to have a fundraiser event hosted for their hardship, please use the application above to do so and the S2C committee will work on scheduling an event if appropriate. 

OTHER Adult Events Hosted by ERVA

December 29-31, 2023 | Spokane Sizzler | Coed 6's hosted at Spokane Convention Center | CLICK HERE TO VISIT EVENT WEBSITE

Need more information on adult volleyball in the Region?

Need help finding a team or events to play in? Contact the Region Office for suggestions and guidance: