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Browns Park Event/Court Calendar


This is a calendar of the events at Browns Park throughout the summer. The calendar will indicate how many courts are reserved each night. 

This calendar is subject to change and will be updated as it changes.

Court Usage and Etiquette 

  • Parties renting the courts through ERVA for an event have first priority on usage
  • Monday-Friday: any scheduled events will leave at least one court open for public use
  • These courts are for the community! Use and enjoyment is encouraged. Please see the event calendar to inquire about availability.

Browns Outdoor Court Calendar

Click here to view the Browns Park Court Calendar Schedule

please check back frequently for most up to date court schedule

Renting the Courts


Please see our Court Rental Fees for more information on the cost of rentals.

Rental Process 

  1. Submit an Event Request Form
  2. If approved, you will receive a Facility Rental Contract and instructions for payment
  3. ENJOY!