The ERVA Outdoor season begins in May and continues into September, providing tons of opportunities for all ages and skill levels throughout the entire Region!

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Outdoor FAQs

1. Do I have to play with a beach volleyball club to participate in events?

No, participating in a beach volleyball club is optional. Players are able to register for events without being affiliated with any beach club. Please note if you choose to participate in a sanctioned event you do have to be a CURRENT USA Volleyball members.

2. What type of membership do I need?

The Evergreen Region events require a USAV membership. CURRENT USAV members from the indoor season hold an eligible membership. Summer memberships are also available for $15.00, activating in May and expiring at the end of October. There are also single event memberships available for $8.00.

3. Do I have to play with the same partner at every event?

No, You can change partners for tournaments. League play may differ depending on league director rules. Check with each league director for specific informaton regarding substitute.

4. How to I sign up/register for a sanctioned event?

Sign up and registration for an outdoor event is done through our website. Go to the calendar to see the list of events and follow the events registration instructions.

5. How much does it cost?

Each tournament and league will set their own entry fees. Please see our calendar of events for details on entry fees. You will have to be a CURRENT USAV member to participate in a sanctioned event. Any additional costs may be travel, lodging, and if you are part of a beach club the dues required for the club.

6. What are the uniform requirements?

Junior sanctioned events will abide by USA Volleyball competition regulations and ERVA Handbook uniform policy. Participants should have the same color/style shorts and tops (tank top, jerseys or swimsuit tops are acceptable, swimsuit tops are to resemble sportsbra or the like. String bikinis are NOT allowed.)

If you are participating in a junior club's beach training program uniforms might be provided. Please refer to the individual program for uniform information.

7. What are the differences in rules for outdoor vs indoor?

USA Volleyball has a separate part of their Domestic Competition Regulations for Beach. Please see the Quick Guide to Beach Rules in the Outdoor Tournament Handbook located in the Important Forms Section.

8. Who Refs at an outdoor event?

The ERVA encourages athletes to participate in all aspects of the game including referee/scoring for outdoor events. Please visit the fundamental rules outline for referee match preparation/rules and the outdoor scoring instructions under our Important Forms section. Each tournament director will review rules and scoring instructions before each event along with ref assignments.


Forms & Resources

2017 Outdoor Training Program Activation


USA Beach Volleyball Rules