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February CLASS Act Winners

By ERVA Staff, 04/04/23, 2:15PM PDT


Jack Dyck | Coach & Club Director | North Idaho VBC

Jack Dyck and the entire North Idaho Volleyball Club (NIVBC).

We travel a distance from Montana to participate in NIVBC. It is a commitment but to have a full, and competitive season of club we make it work. We are juggling HS basketball and club volleyball and over an hour drive between the two. Jack and the club have been very understanding of my daughter Seanna's busy schedule.

On Dec 20th devastation struck my family. We had a chimney fire. We fought like crazy to fight it but it was a lost cause. We had just gotten a bunch of snow, and the fire trucks were unable to get up our driveway. So we and the fire crew had to stand there and watch our family home burn to the ground. We lost everything but the cloths on our backs. My daughter lost all her volleyball gear. Jack and the NIVBC family were quick to help us. They knew Seanna needed everything so they went in storage and got out a bunch of NIVBC gear to replace hers and more. They gave gift cards to Amazon so she could get what ever she needed. They also paid our remaining club fees for the year. They went out of their way to make sure Seanna could get everything she needed. It was so amazing how they went over and above for my family. I just want people to know how caring they are and when I saw this I thought it would be a good time to share, Thank you!

Dale Goodwin | Official | Spokane, WA

If you have ever had an interaction with Dale Goodwin you know why he is being celebrated as a CLASS ACT. 

Officials in any sport aren't often appreciated or celebrated for their hard work but without them the events don't run as smoothly or efficiently. 

We have been short on day officials in the Spokane area this season due to the retirement of other officials. He has stepped up and taken on assignments almost every weekend to help support our Region & junior events.

Dale is a long standing official within the Evergreen Region and is always a welcoming, joyful, kind hearted person at EVERY event he works. He goes above and beyond to mentor and train new officials each season by offering feedback to make them better each tournament. 

Dale is a genuinely kind, helpful and generous person who loves the sport of volleyball and the people within that community. He is a TRUE CLASS ACT and we are very lucky to have such a positive role model within our volleyball community.