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WA Safe Return to Play-Letter of Support

By ERVA Staff, 11/13/20, 2:30PM PST


November 24, 2020

Our requests to the governor’s office show no signs of moving the needle to reinstate these programs. So we are appealing to our local elected officials to advocate for the people they represent.

Our sports facilities, gymnasiums and fitness centers are doing their share to reduce the spread of COVID19 and we trust that your family is doing the same.

We also know that we all are at further risk if we are not physically and mentally strong. Our youth are suffering from stress, anxiety and depression with little to no outlets for them to work through these with activity.

Please read through the letter below. There is a space for you to add your personal thoughts and how this shutdown is affecting your family. This is for all roles in our organization from club directors, coaches, officials, junior athletes, adult athletes & parents.

Feel free to share with other community members. Thank you for your support!

We have a created an easy online form for our members to fill out upon submission it will automatically send the information in an email to those government officials.

It will take less than 1 minute to fill out!