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By ERVA, 07/18/17, 12:00PM PDT


USA Volleyball's High Performance Training Program is the pipeline for volleyball athletes who aspire to reach the elite level of their sport and is intended to grow the pool of talented young players who may someday compete for a spot on the USA National and Olympic Teams.

The High Performance Program bridges the gap between our USA National Teams and youth volleyball programs across the country. This is done through a system of national tryouts, which then qualify athletes for training programs, camps, and Youth and Junior National Teams. 

The Evergreen Region was well-represented throughout the series of High Performance tryouts in the current season. We are extremely proud to announce the athletes from our Region who competed for and were granted a spot on the following rosters:

2017 USA Girls' Youth A1 National Training Team Program

Tia Andaya  |  Setter  |  Central Region United VBC  |  Class of 2019

Shea Rubright  |  Outside Hitter  |  Central Region United VBC  |  Class of 2019

2017 USA Girls' Select National A2 Invitational Team Program

Lauren Fleury  |  Outside Hitter  |  Apex Volleyball Academy  |  Class of 2020

Maya Blake  |  Outside Hitter  |  Volei Xtreme  |  Class of 2021

2017 USA Girls' Youth National A2 Invitational Team Program

Kellie Van Kirk  |  Outside Hitter  |  Mountain One  |  Class of 2020

2017 USA Boys' Select A3 National Training Program

Abigail Mains |  Outside Hitter |  Sideout VBC  |  Class of 2021

2017 USA Girls' Youth A3 National Training Program

Delanry Frame  |  Outside Hitter  |  Goldendale VBC  |  Class of 2018

Danyelle Plunkett  |  Middle Blocker  |  Out of System Volleyball  |  Class of 2020

Halinah Putz  |  Setter  |  Apex Volleyball Academy  |  Class of 2020

2017 USA Girls' Future Select National Training Program

Rachel Gallagher  |  Goldendale VBC  |  Class of 2022

Lauren Greeny  |  Club ZZU  |  Class of 2022

Jade Ilaoa  |  Club Gold  |  Class of 2022

2017 USA Girls' Future Select National Skills Program - Las Vegas, NV 

Abby Harrell  |  Central Region United VBC  |  Class of 2023

Jacey Scott  |  Central Region United VBC |  Class of 2023

Paige Lehrman  |  Out of System Volleyball  |  Class of 2022

Parker Lyyski  |  Central Region United VBC |  Class of 2023

Taylor Kieser  |  Central Region United VBC |  Class of 2023

2017 USA Girls' Select National Skills Program

Casadie Bendzak  |  Libero  |  Big Sky VBC  |  Class of 2020

Shailin Haffner  |  Libero  |  College Prepatory Academy  |  Class of 2020

Sydney Levine  |  Middle Blocker  |  Out of System Volleyball  |  Class of 2020

Felicity Mains  |  Middle Blocker  |  Goldendale VBC  |  Class of 2020

Rebekah Merca  |  Setter  |  Club Gold  |  Class of 2022

Madison Mohler  |  Middle Blocker  |  Montana Elite Juniors  |  Class of 2021

Congratulations to all the athletes that participated in the High Performance program this year and good luck to those continuing on! The Evergreen Region is proud to be represented by such outstanding young men and women.