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By ERVA, 10/09/17, 12:00PM PDT



Thank you to everyone who came out to support Silas today! What a great time we all had playing sitting volleyball and becoming teammates and friends with a variety of players. This type of tournament is what makes our community stronger and what helps to grow the sport we love.

A huge thank you to the Spike2care tournament committee for doing yet another awesome job, Don (Silas’ Savior), James Stuck (US national paraolympic team and 2016 Rio Olympics participant) and Elliot Blake (USAV sitting vball manager) for taking the time to show their support for Silas by participating in the tournament.

We all certainly made it rain $$$ today. The gold final match alone earned $284 into the penalty box! We counted $6,419 in cash and our best estimate for what we took in with CC charges minus expenses puts the total for today around $7,250!! This money will go directly to Silas to help offset the cost of ongoing bills associated with the prosthetics he will need to help get him back on the court, with 2 “legs”. We love you Silas!