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By ERVA, 11/10/17, 11:45AM PST


$37.50 of the $60

Full junior or adult membership stays within the Evergreen Region. This cost helps pay for:
* Coaching education
* Officials education
* Administration
* Region promotion

Coaching Education – Each coach who is involved with USA Volleyball is required to have a baseline coaching education course which goes into volleyball-specific areas but also areas like risk management and child protection. Evergreen Region has a cadre of coaches around the state who conduct these  and a half hour IMPACT courses, and also covers facility rental and course materials, which are also partially subsidized by course attendees. The Region also runs various coaching clinics at minimal to no cost to participants.

Officials Education – Each certified (professional) official who works within Evergreen Region is required to have yearly training to review rules and procedures, and also be updated on points of emphasis and new rule changes. Cadre around the state also run clinics for professional referees and junior clubs to prepare them for the new season. A very successful program that the Evergreen Region has implemented that is also covered by membership costs is an Junior Development Officiating Program, which pairs an experienced official with an up-and- coming official to help the newer official hone their skills and work on areas of improvement. This, along with a score monitor program, which provides scoring assistance and oversight at junior tournaments, are both fully covered by membership fees.

Administration – The Evergreen Region employs a staff of two and has an office based in Spokane WA., to serve our membership. Membership costs help cover the running of

the Region on every level, including staff and administrative costs, board of directors meetings and costs and junior club director meetings and costs. The staff helps implements the policies and procedures set forth by USA Volleyball and the Evergreen Region Board of Directors, as well as works with club directors to help them with various aspects of club management and implementation, and communicates with our membership on a wide array of topics.

Region Promotion / Growing The Game – The Evergreen Region mission is to “lead, serve, and develop the sport of volleyball for all ages, gender, and abilities." In order to do that, membership funds are utilized to help promote the sport throughout the state with various events and meetings, creating promotional materials and signage for our member clubs and tournaments to display signage and running tournaments and other events that showcase our sport and our Region within the state and throughout the country. All of the above-mentioned services are used by Evergreen Region as the backbone of our individual organization. 

$22.50 of the $60

Full junior or adult memberhsip, or the Evergreen Region, goes to the USA Volleyball Natoinal office. This cost helps pay for:
*Sport accident/liability insurance
*Membership tracking program
*Online officiating tools
*Advanced coaching education
*SafeSport training

*Sport accident and liability insurance- Every club who sanctions their club and facility with Evergreeb Region receives up to $1,000,000 in liability insurance for their facility in case of accident or injury. In addition, every membership comes with secondary sport accident insurance in case of injury to the member. For more on insurance coverages, please see the "Important Forms" page of the Evergreen Region website. 

*USA Volleyball has developed a unique and integrated membership program, webpoint, for tracking any and all ceritifications within the country, including coaching education, officials education and SafeSport. This national database also includes event and clinic registration and management, background screening tracking and is essentially a clearinghouse for anything membership related within the USA Volleyball system, also collecting electronic documents to alleviate paperwork stress on clubs and Regions. is a free tool produced by USA Volleyball for training and education of officials, players and coaches.