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By ERVA, 03/31/20, 11:30AM PDT


ERVA Board Elections 2020

The following candidates are eligible and will be running for the following positions:


Candidate: Margie Ray

Margie has been a member of the Evergreen Region since 1996. Served as the Director of Officials from 1998-2010.  She is familiar with organizational accounting, bookkeeping and recording practices.   She currently assists the Region Office Staff, when called upon. She also is the Chair of the Budget and Finance committee.  With the assistance of the operations manager and the ERVA accountant, she provides the Executive Board with written financial reports and tax reporting.

Margie is a National referee with both USAV and PAVO, and a USAV National scorekeeper.   She has officiated for the Big Sky, Big West, Mtn. West, PAC-12, SEC, WAC, and WCC conferences. Margie has officiated five Division I Final Fours (four finals) along with many Division I Regionals and Division I 1st and 2nd rounds, and also officiated the WAC and Big Sky Conference tournaments.  She has worked on the PAVO National rating team and the OTP training camp as a staff member and as a crew chief.  Margie served as the trainer for her local association, Spokane Area Volleyball Referee Association, for several years.  She currently is a Mathematics professor at Spokane Community College. Margie originally hails from New Orleans, LA and currently resides in Spokane, WA.

Margie Ray's Statement to Membership:

Hello, My Name is Margie Ray. I am running for the office of Treasurer (ERVA). 

I am presently the ERVA treasurer. I wish to continue in this position. I am familiar with the accounting books and reporting practices for the ERVA.  I work closely with the Operations Manager and an independent accountant to help ensure the ERVA is working in the latest “best business practices.”  Besides being the present Treasurer, I teach Mathematics at Spokane Community College, and I am the “Representative Payee” for a disable sibling which gives me continued accounting practice outside the region.

Thank you very much for considering me for this position.

Adult Program Director

Candidate: Dennis Baal

I have been a program coordinator for Spokane Parks & Recreation for over 20 years. The local leagues have grown from 25 teams to 100 + teams. I assist the Parks and Recreation Department with facility coordination, scheduling, equipment setup, supervision of gym employees and everything in between.

I have recently taken a role with Spike2Care, a local non-profit, as their Executive Director & Tournament coordinator. I along with the tournament committee schedule and run each event to help raise money for Spike2Care. I am responsible for every aspect of the tournament coordinator position from equipment setup, event format, rules enforcement & administrative tasks.

In the 2019 season I accepted the role as the Evergreen Region Facility Manager for Browns Park. I oversee the maintenance of the sand courts & equipment, training/supervision of event staff, assist with ERVA hosted events such as sand leagues and tournaments etc.

I assist ERVA with additional events and projects throughout the season as needed. In 2019, I assisted with seeding and formatting for the Spokane Sizzler along with tournament director responsibilities.

Dennis Baal's Statement to Membership:

“I want to be a part of the continued growth and development of volleyball in the Evergreen Region. I enjoy connecting with the adult volleyball community and I would be proud to represent them as the Adult Program Director role with Evergreen Region if elected to this position.” 

Election and Appointment Process

  • The election period shall be seven (7) days in duration beginning on May 5, 2020-May 12, 2020.
  •  Only Regular ERVA members at least twenty (20) years of age shall be eligible to vote.
  • Offices subject to election shall be filled by the candidate receiving the most votes within the election period. 
  • Votes will be casted electronially through a survey link sent out to eligible members through the ERVA MMS, Webpoint.