2018 ERVA Executive Board Elections

The Evergreen Region Volleyball Association will have three Executive Board positions up for election in 2018. These positions, along with their required qualifications and instructions for interested applicants, can be seen below.

The following Canidates have been elected for the next 3 year term after ERVA Member Voting:

Meredith Coupland-Commissioner
Larissa Welch-Junior Program Director
Linda Kildew-Officials Director


Offices to be Filled:

1. Commissioner
  • ERVA Regular member at least the previous two (2) years.

  • ERVA Board member at least one (1) of the previous four (4) years.

  • Working knowledge of ERVA and USAV issues and policies.

Eligible Candidates

The following candidates have meet the above requirements and will be listed on the voting ballot. Below are their personal statements to the ERVA Membership.

Meredith Coupland-

Meredith Coupland is in her 9thyear as the ERVA Commissioner and her 15thyear as a member of the ERVA Board of Directors.  She has been a member of USA Volleyball for a combined 30 years, as a junior member of the Alaska Region and adult member of the Evergreen Region. She is in her 24th year of coaching and currently coaches for VIP Juniors.

Raised in Anchorage, AK, - attended college at Whitworth University - Meredith lives in Spokane Valley, WA with her husband, Chad, and dog LuLu.  She is a practice administrator for a local physical therapy clinic and will still find time to play volleyball, golf, garden, walk with LuLu, and read!!

“The past nine years as Commissioner, I have enjoyed seeing the growth in our membership numbers, diversity in our membership communities, and the addition of new/reinvigorated programs and relationships like:  Adult and Junior Beach with more sand courts in smaller communities and the additional Metro courts, a blooming relationship with Spike2Care, the annual ERVA Youth Mania Event and a new Skyhawk connection, growth in the Boys programming and the Boys Border Smackdown, the first ever (joint S2C) adult tournament to include the Sitting Volleyball discipline, and adding the Junior Officials group to work our U12 Regional Championships.  I’ve also loved seeing the Spokane Sizzler Adult Tournament awarded the National Association of Sport Commissions (NASC) annual award for “Locally Created Sports Event of the Year” with the hard work of some (previous juniors-all-grown-up) adult members of the Evergreen Region.

If elected again I look forward adding new indoor faces in other parts of our region (players and officials), seeing if we can continue to grow sand outside of Spokane, adding some focused marketing efforts to develop our smaller programs, like Boys and Sitting, and helping move the Region into a more-forward thinking model – ALL in an effort to grow the game together…for all walks of life.”

2. Junior Program Director
  • Substantial experience coaching, organizing, or administering youth, Junior, and/or adult teams, clubs, and/or events.
Eligible Candidates

The following candidates have meet the above requirements and will be listed on the voting ballot. Below are their personal statements to the ERVA Membership.

Larissa Welch

Larissa is finishing her 3rd  term as the Evergreen Junior Program Director.  Prior to that she served at the Junior Player Representative for 3 years, and she served as the Ethics officer for Evergreen Region for a 3 year term previous.   Larissa has been working hard over the last 10 + years to grow the sport of volleyball within the Evergreen Region.  She has helped bring in USAV Indoor CAP clinics, a Beach IMPACT clinic, sent coaches to the AVCA convention, created a John Kessel clinic for all the coaches in Evergreen Region.  Over the last term she has worked with the area representatives for our Region to help better the communication between clubs and the Evergreen Region Board.  She feels it is important to get feedback from each area of the Region to help improve the volleyball experience for all the Players, coaches, club Directors, who are involved in the Evergreen Region.   In this next term Larissa is looking forward to expanding our outdoor, boys programs, and High Performance program. 


3. Officials Director
  • Experienced National or Junior National Referee.
  • National Scorekeeper or working on earning such certification.
  • Experienced referee and/or scorekeeper clinician.
  • Experienced mentor of officials.
Eligible Candidates

The following candidates have meet the above requirements and will be listed on the voting ballot. Below are their personal statements to the ERVA Membership.

Linda Kildew

Linda has been with ERVA for a decade as the Official’s Director.  She has worked as a volleyball official for the past 20+ years and enjoys working high school, college and USA matches.  Her contributions and experience as the official’s director includes working as an advocate for our players, officials, clubs and the region as well as R1 tournaments for the clubs and the Junior Officials program for Regionals.  She has worked to increase and retain officials with the Score Chair and others within the region.  She enjoys connecting with members of the entire region and assist tournament directors and clubs.  “It is rewarding to be a part of a region that cares deeply about the players and their experiences throughout their volleyball career.”  In the next term Linda would like to hear from our members in order to continue to advocate for ways to improve our programs, tournaments and the overall experience for our juniors.

Lisa Paull

Volleyball is my passion!  I would like to offer my organizational and teaching skills to help further our cadre and support our teams and the Evergreen Region.  Past experience in assigning, mentoring, problem solving, and serving on boards have prepared me to bring excellence to this position.  I have achieved my National rankings in indoor, beach, and scoring, dedicating my time to excelling in the sport of volleyball.  In speaking to others about this position, I feel that a team approach is needed and delegation of responsibilities is necessary to fulfill all the obligations in a thorough and timely fashion.   I value the efforts of those Directors of Officials that have held this position and helped to advance officials with their efforts and professionalism.  If elected, I will value input and do my utmost to support and promote our cadre of officials. 

Instructions for Interested Applicants:

Please submit an application to the Election Committee at by May 4, 2018 at 12:00 PM in the form of:

  • Qualifications by resume, biography, and/or letter
  • A personal statement to ERVA members to be posted on the ERVA website prior to the election period if accepted as a candidate by the Election Committee


Important Dates and Information

  • Application deadline: Friday, May 4, 2018 at 12:00 pm
  • Voting will open on Monday, May 7, 2018 at 12:00 pm and close one week later on Monday, May 14, 2018 at 12:00 pm
  • Eligible voters: members of the Evergreen Region Volleyball Association, age twenty (20) and older
  • Elected individuals will officially take office on July 16, 2018 and serve three (3) year terms
  • The Election committee shall review the qualifications of prospective candidates and (i) if the qualifications for the office sought are satisfied, post the candidate's personal statement on the ERVA website or (ii) if the qualifications for office appear not to be satisfied, request further information from the candidate to determine if they can be satisfied; if a prospective candidate ultimately fails to meet the qualifications for a particular office, he or she will be notified in writing of the reasons that they are ineligible for that office.
  • The Election Committee shall conduct the election in a fair and objective fashion and will be responsible for certifying the eligibility of votes cast, counting eligible votes, verifying election results, and reporting such results.