Evergreen Region Volleyball Association (ERVA) is one of the 40 regions of USA Volleyball. When you register for a membership with the Evergreen Region, you also become a member of USA Volleyball, just like the players who won medals in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio do Janiero, Brazil! ERVA, in partnership with USA Volleyball, serves the lifetime sport of volleyball at all ages and levels. 

Residency Registration Requirement: ALL members residing within the ERVA’s geographical jurisdiction are required to register with ERVA. Members whose center of activities is closer to adjacent regions may petition ERVA for authorization to register with the adjacent region and should state the specific basis for the request. Such authorization must receive the written approval of each region’s Commissioner/Executive Director.


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Registration Tutorial

How to Register for a USAV Membership in the Evergreen Region

Background Screening Requirements

USAV & RVA Background Check Policy

USAV & RVA Background Check FAQs

Member Benefits

  • Access to Regionally and Nationally sanctioned events and programming
  • Secondary sports accident coverage for those with primary insurance, and primary sports accident coverage (with $1,000 deductible) for those without health insurance, during ERVA/USAV sanctioned events
  • General liability insurance during ERVA/USAV sanctioned events
  • Educational opportunities for players, coaches, club directors, and officials. Click the Education tab for more information on the resources available. 
  • Competition opportunities for players, coaches, and teams of all ages. Youth (3-11), Junior (12-18), and Adult opportunites range from recreational to open level on both a Regional and National level.
  • Promotion of your ERVA sanctioned tournaments, leagues, and events through our website and social media channels
  • A framework of rules, guidelines, and resources to protect the sport and the individuals involved
  • Grassroots programming to develop a new understanding and love of the game
  • The opportunity to nominate piers for Regional and National level awards
  • Discounts on USAV and ERVA Partner services and products. See more details here.
  • Networking opportunities with volleyball enthusiasts around the Nation
  • A safe, healthy environment for players to develop through rules, regulations, and resources



What type of memberships are there?

We offer a variety of memberships for you to choose from, depending on age, location, and length of participation.

  • Adult (for players, coaches, officials)
  • Junior (for players ages 18 and under)
  • Youth (for players ages 11 and under, 8 and under is FREE!)
  • Outdoor (for late spring/summer only play)
  • One Event (for one event USAV sanctioned play)
  • League (for 8-12 week limited play only leagues)
  • Other (fan, chaperone, leadership, etc.)

For questions regarding specific membership types, please email 

Can I participate without a membership?

You must be a current registered member to participate in Evergreen Region and USA Volleyball events. Whether you want to officiate at ERVA events, play in a tournament, or coach a team, you must be a member.

Where do my membership fees go?

When you purchase a Evergreen Region membership, about half the fees within the Region to fund and support our local programs. The other half goes to USA Volleyball to fund national-level programming. There are no refunds once a membership is purchased. 

Are there any requirements to become a coach?

Coaches, for youth, junior and adult play, must be registered members of the region in which they live, and pass an thorough background screening. Coaches are also required to have the USAV IMPACT/SafeSport certification in order to coach in a junior program. This covers the risk management issues and ethics of coaching, as well as information on drill design, skill-learning research and much more - all annually updated to the latest information.

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