Evergreen Region HP Coaching Opportunities


ERVA HP Tryouts

All coaches interested in volunteering at the ERVA HP tryouts can submit their Coaching Interest Documents as indicated below. You will then be selected as an Evaluator or a Drill Assistant, our Head & Assistant HP Coaches will create the tryout plan. 

Any experience level is welcome to be a part of these Region HP Tryouts! Great way to expand your coaching knowledge base, meet other coaches from around the Region and help establish this program in the ERVA!


Coaches interested in working the ERVA HP Camps can submit their Coaching Interest Documents as indicated below and indicate they would like to be considered for the next step beyond the HP Tryout.

Coaches will be chosen for this next step in the HP process by our Head & Assistant HP Coaches. We encourage coaches intersted in this portion be a part of the HP Tryouts as well.

Coaches chosen for this step will be paid $150/day of the HP Camp. Travel and accommodations for the duration of the camp will be paid for by the ERVA.


 USAV HP Championship

Coaches interested in being a Head or Assistant coach for one of the ERVA HP teams can submit their Coaching Interest Form below and indicate they would like to be considered for one of these positions.

The Head and/or Assistant coach will be a part of each step of the HP process to select ERVA HP teams. These coaches will also be responsible for creating and implementing the HP Programs tryout, camp and practice plans. You will need to be able to coordinate coaches at the HP Tryout and camp events.

Coaches selected for these positions also must be willing to coach and travel to the USAV HP Championships with the ERVA HP teams.

Interested in Coaching? 

Submit the following information to the ERVA Office at office@evergreenregion.org 

  • Coaching/Playing Resume 
  • In email body please indicate which level (s) of the HP process you are interested in: HP Tryout, HP Camp and/or HP Head or Assistant Coach