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Art of Coaching | Talent ID Camp | Spokane, WA

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Art of Coaching | Talent ID Camp | Spokane, WA
  • 6:00pm PDT - 9:00pm PDT June 15th, 2021
  • Location: Hub Sports Center, East Cataldo Avenue, Liberty Lake, WA, USA
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Recruiting in 2021 just got easier

Since college coaches currently have limited opportunities to see prospective student athletes in person, we're providing you with an opportunity to view and evaluate players across the country without leaving your house.

Based on our experience as former collegiate and national team coaches as well as AOC's position as a leader in national coaching clinics, we've developed a program that maximizes opportunities for the participating athletes. Equally important, we built it for you to see players performing the drills and movements that are meaningful in your evaluation.

Our technology partner, MVPCast, delivers cloud-based HD quality video of each talent ID camp that you can access on-demand, without restrictions, completely for free. There's no easier way to evaluate athletes across the country!

  • 3-hours of camp programming developed by a team of former collegiate coaches: Jim Stone (Ohio State), Terry Liskevych (OSU) and John Dunning (Stanford).
  • Camps are led by AOC with two additional coaches running each court.
  • Players in the graduating classes of 2021, 2022, 2023 and 2024.
  • Two cameras on each court with HD video available shortly after the camp ends along with a roster including each player's profile details, physical measurements (height, reach, wingspan) and contact information.
  • 12-17 players per court (depending on local COVID guidelines) wearing numbered shirts color-coded by graduation year.
  • Registration limited by position to maximize touches and ensure the correct ratio of positions per court.

Sample camp program:

  • Record height, reach, wingspan (20 min)
  • Warm-ups (20 min)
  • Position-specific drill sessions (45 min)
  • Position-focused 6v6 drills (45 min)
  • "Live" 6v6 with refs (45 min)

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