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ERVA Regional Championships


SCHEDULES will be Posted on AES closer to the event.

Search: ERVA REGIONALS in search bar and select age division.

Then the YELLOW schedules posted at top of pop up window.

Portal to the 90s

Feeling supa fly?? Get transported to the 90s for Regionals 2024!

Come dressed up in your killer 90s gear and you may have a chance to win Best Dressed!

Need some inspiration?

- Scrunchies

- Side Ponytail

- Neon/Crazy Patterns & many more!!

Picture time

You thought we would have a BASIC picture wall?? AS IF! Make sure to check out what we've got cookin'...

At the Podium and at the HUB we will have a blank wall set up to create the perfect background made by YOU! At times throughout the day we will have dot markers, paint sticks and stickers for you to decorate however you wish. (If you ever want to paint on the wall and no one is there, go to the Site Director desk so we can bring the markers back out!).

As well as the artistic aspect, we will help you get picture ready too! Slap bracelets, jelly bands, scrunchies and temporary tattoos for you to keep. Of course we will have some props to really make it look like you are in the 90s and a ring light so you don't have to worry about needing anyone to take your pic!

Let's make this Regionals da bomb!!

We can't wait to see your creativity :)

Logo Contest Winner: Matt Larson

2024 Event Dates

April 20-21, 2024


Entry Fee 

U12/U18: $300
U14-U16: $450

Teams dropping past the DROP date, March 22, 2024 will NOT receive a refund and will be assessed an additional late cancellation fee of $100.

General Event Information


U12  | HUB Sports Center | 8am Start Time

U14/U16 | Podium on Saturday | U16 8am Start | U14 3pm Start
Podium & HUB on Sunday | Start Time depends on Bracket Placement

U14/U16 TEAMS may move out to the HUB Sports Center on Sunday depending on which bracket they are placed in after pool play

U18 | The Podium on Sunday | 8am Start Time 


U12 & U18 Divisions are One day format with AM start times. U12 play on Saturday and the U18 on Sunday.

U14 & U16 Divisions are Two day format.

U16 Saturday start time 8am | Sunday start times depend on which bracket your team plays in.

U14 Saturday start time 3pm | Sunday start times depend on which bracket your team plays in.

Staffed by Officials: YES

Team Information

Team Packet Pickup and Roster submission:

Coaches will pickup athlete, coach and chaperone credentials for entry based on submitted roster at time of pickup. Adults who are listed on multiple rosters will only be given ONE set of credentials.

ALL AGES MAKE EVERY EFFORT TO PICKUP at THE PODIUM ONLY on Friday, April 19,2024 4:00pm-7:00pm

U12 at HUB Sports Center
Saturday, April 20, 2024  | 7:00am-8:00am

U14-U16 at The Podium in Tournament Room Downstairs
Saturday, April 20, 2024 | 7:00am-8:00am | 2:00pm-3:00pm

U18 at The Podium at Tournament Desk Downstairs
Sunday, April 21, 2024 | 7:00am-8:00am

Spectator & Admission Information

Please note that The Podium has a CLEAR BAG policy for all spectators.  Make sure you are prepared prior to arrival!  

Players and coaches are still allowed backpacks.


​Spectator tickets are:

2-day passes:
9 and older- $21.00
8 and under are free

Seniors: $10.00 | PURCHASE IN PERSON PURCHASE ONLY for verification purposes) Box offices will be open at BOTH sites on Saturday & Sunday

Single Day
9 and older- $12.00 per day.  
8 and under are free 
Seniors- $6.00 single day ( IN PERSON PURCHASE ONLY for verification purposes) Box offices will be open at BOTH sites on Saturday & Sunday

Spectators must all have tickets purchased through TicketsWest

All ticket purchases will be done online at and will provide each spectator a unique QR code to be shown at entry.  

You will need to scan in and out every time you leave the facility and re-enter.


Spectators must all have tickets purchased through TicketsWest. 

PLAYERS, COACHES and SPECTATORS may enter the buildings beginning at 7:00am. 


Spectator seating is available on the 2nd floor bleachers. 

LIMITED courtside seating is available. Do not move or rearrange chairs.  At the conclusion of the match your team has just played, please exit the court area to allow seating for the next team’s spectators. 

Spectators may not take up court seating when another team is playing.  Seats are available for that team’s spectators only.


Spectator Tickets

The Podium USA

511 West Dean Ave
Spokane, Washington 99201
Phone: (509) 279-7000


Please click HERE to see a map of Podium parking areas.


All parking lots require payment. Please follow the posted instructions to pay for lots without an attendant on site.  There are no in-out privileges for vehicles during an event. Parking rates may vary per lot.

Food and Drink Policy

No outside food is permitted inside The Podium. Bottled water WILL be allowed into The Podium.  ONLY non-flavored water will be allowed in the court area. 

Team Areas

There will be designated areas for teams to be able to leave their gear when they are not playing , if desired.

If players decide to keep their gear with them please make sure you are allowing enough space in the bleachers for spectators.

Entry Points

Please see a map of Podium entry points. Entry will be through the front doors.  

Spectators must purchase an e-ticket via Tickets West prior to entry. MORE DETAILS to be posted soon.  

Please note that The Podium has a CLEAR BAG policy for all spectators.  Make sure you are prepared prior to arrival!  

Players and coaches are still allowed backpacks.

The HUB Sports Center*

19619 E. Cataldo
Liberty Lake, WA 99016
Phone: (509) 927-0602

Entry Points

Entry will be through the front doors.  Spectators must purchase an e-ticket via Tickets West prior to entry.  

Food and Drink Policy

Outside food is permitted inside the HUB, but no plug-in devices will be allowed. There will be concessions available throughout the event. Click here for CONCESSIONS MENU. Click here for ESPRESSO MENU.

Please keep coolers/food bins INSIDE the marked team areas. Water ONLY will be allowed in the playing area. All other food and drink must be consumed OUTSIDE of the playing area.

Team Areas

Team areas will be clearly marked with your a NUMBER, please 1 team per numbered space. The team spaces are NOT assigned but to help ensure each team has a space.

 These are provided for you to store your team bags/coolers/food bins.

Please pick up after yourself and  make sure your team area is clean before leaving the site.

Please pay attention to areas that are OFF LIMITS to the public. This facility has office space and other areas that are not open to the  participants. Signage and staff will be able to assist in determining any area in question.


The HUB has a large parking lot available, and there is no charge to park. There is no overnight RV parking allowed. Do NOT park in fire lanes, garbage dumpster access, employee only parking or loading zones. Vehicles parked in these locations will be subject to being towed. Additional parking is available in the overflow lot to the north of the facility.

Hotel Information 

All divisions have a chance to play at any of the facilities. When booking hotels all venues are within 15 mins of each other, Spokane or Spokane Valley hotels will work for any venue.

ERVA works with Team Travel Source to secure local hotel rooms at a special event rate. This event is NOT a Stay & Play, the hotel links are provided for your convenience.

Use the link below to search the available hotels and rates.

Past Results


2019 Results