Grants & Funding

Financial support is available for coaches, teams, and programs within the Evergreen Region through many different entities. If you know of an organization that provides sport-based scholarships or grants, please contact us at 


Inland Northwest Klassic (INK)

Since 2010, INK has provided over $54,000 in need-based scholarships to athletes in the Evergreen Region. Please use the link above to access information on scholarship eligibility and how to apply.




Spike2Care is a charitable organization that is governed by volleyball players and supports athletes in the local community through fundraising efforts that promote the sport.



Spokane Regional Sports Commission

The Spokane Regional Sports Commission introduced their Advance Sports Improvement Grants in 2016. These grants are designed to help organizations or clubs develop and equip sports facilities within the Spokane Region. Opportunities range from indoor facility improvement to outdoor court development. Visit their website for more information!