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The Evergreen Region has an Observer program.  In this program, officials sit courtside with the teams and help them learn to officiate and score their matches.  Their role as teachers, mentors, and consultants creates a great learning environment for all.

Our Day Officials are some of the top officials in the Region with many years of experience at the high school, college and club level.  They are at every tournament to oversee the officiating on all courts.

There are also multiple opportunities for officials to work Region & club hosted events as R1's for pool play through tournament play throughout the season.

Our referees gain much of their experience through the programs developed in local areas via the National Federation of High School Association. The NFHSA has a fantastic training program that supports supplemental training developed by the local associations.

Many of our officials are also coaches and team reps, as well as former players or parents, with a love for the sport. Our goal is to help facilitate tournament play so that athletes are safe and play is fair.


Officials are not only vital to facilitating safe, fair play, but also to creating the learning environment that fosters a love for the game in young athletes. Thank you for your interest in becoming an Evergreen Region Official!

To become an ERVA Official, you must first: 

  1. Attend an Officials orientation (if you are unable to make it to a scheduled Region-hosted orientation, please contact
  2. Have a current adult with safety requirements membership and current background screening with USA Volleyball.
  3. Complete the required referee certification and SafeSport courses online

For more information on joining this select group of volleyball warriors, please contact the Chair of Officials, Linda Kildew, at

Officials Meeting Information

Click here to get the most up to date information about the preseason officials meetings.