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Other Assistance

We are a resource for those in need of assistance whether it be a serious medical issue or a hardship in your life that may prevent you from participating in the game you love.

Spike2Care will accept all applications for individuals associated with the local volleyball community including household members of an individual associated with the volleyball community. An individual may also nominate themselves. Each application will be reviewed closely by the Spike2Care Scholarship Committee .

A member of the Spike2Care Scholarship Committee may contact the nominee or nominator to discuss the application or gather further information.

The amount of the funds allocated is dependent upon the number of applicants and the amount available for distribution. Within 72 hours, Spike2Care will send a confirmation email that your application has been received.


Applications should be submitted on Player Scholarship page for junior club fees scholarship assistance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply just to have an event created and planned by Spike2Care? There is a limit to how many events can be done in a year. All applications for assistance raise the question of whether an event should be planned and whether it is feasible on the calendar. Please email for further inquiries.

Will Spike2Care sponsor me for an event? It would depend on the type of event. If you are requesting a sponsorship for one charity to give to another charity then most likely we cannot, however there are many forms of sponsorship, so we encourage you to apply.

Can I apply for help for another person? Absolutely, most people have a difficult time asking for the help they really need, and we welcome the support of those who know them best. 

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