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All-Stars FAQs

What is the ERVA All-Star Program?

The ERVA All-Stars Program seeks to identify, and provide competitive opportunities to the top players in our region. The program is a three-step process: an initial All-Star tryout, if selected, a two-day Selection camp. Players at the camp will be training with a collection of the best players from the Evergreen Region (other Regions if not hosting the All-Star program) and competing for spots on the travel team(s) who will represent the Evergreen Region at the All-Star Championship Tournament in July. 

Why should my daughter participate in the program?

Your daughter will most likely attend volleyball camps this summer. The All-Star program is another opportunity for her to improve her skills and continue participating in the sport she loves against the best in each of the other regions as well as international progams (some divisions).  This program simulates the training players will receive at the collegiate level. 

If selected for one of the ERVA All-Stars teams she will have a chance for additional training, travel and participation in a National and International level tournament. 

What makes this camp different from the many others offered during the summer?

Unlike other camps, our objective is not on making a profit (we are partially subsidized by the region and sponsers) and this allows us to tailor our program to suit your needs. The maximum number of players per team will be 10!!   All this adds up to a LOT of individual attention for each player.  The training the players receive will be in the same format the USA National Team uses for its training session.  This style of training and the intensity of the competition for travel team spots is designed to bring the athletes game to the next level. We train all players in all the skills as VOLLEYBALL players, with some specializing in the older groups.

When is the All-Star Try-Outs, Selection Camp, Practices and All-Star Championships?

After the try-outs are over EVRA will invite a select few in each position to be at Selection Camp. THIS IS AN INVITE ONLY CAMP. 

The Selection Camp will be May 31 and June 1. Leslie Flores-Cloud will be the director along with College coaches from all around our region. Our  All-Star coaches will be running their age groups and we will have other ERVA area college coaches in attendance to help train and select our teams. 

The players selected at the training camp will stay an additional day June 2 and will have practice before leaving to Championships on July 15. They will depart to Iowa on July 16. July 17 will be another day of practice. While they will compete at the USA Volleyball All-Star Championship event July 18-21. They will fly home July 22. 

What other benefits are there to training at the regional All-Star camp?

Because the camps are invitation only, based on results of the tryouts, your daughter will be training with similar skilled and motivated athletes, providing the optimal experience for learning and improving. The goal ERVA's All-Star program is to have the very best in our region to compete against each other, motivating each player to improve their individual skills to get better and compete against the best in our countries region. It will also get your daughter in the National Team Development Program's (NTDP) base of athletes. 

Do we have to be able to participate in competition to be a part of the camp?

Although we prefer that campers also can play in any competition scheduled, this factor will be one of several determinants in the selection of camp attendees.

Is my daughter good enough to make the All-Star camp?

Many families and players have missed out on this opportunity because of such doubts. With the numerous summer options that exist, and with some players in the region involved with the national All-Star program, the opportunity to be selected for our camp is much higher than most people think.

What are the costs associated with the program?

The cost for the tryout is $50, while the cost for the Select Camp is $300 for 2-day camp. If you make the team of 10 athletes attending Championships you can expect to pay for the flight and food while your daughter competes. 

Why are the age divisions different than USAV?

The All-Star program follows the international age divisions that are mandated by the world governing body, the FIVB, they are in two-year brackets and in every even year they advance by two years.

All-Star Age Divisions - Scroll Down the page to see the Age Definitions provided by USA Volleyball

Who do I contact if I have any more questions?
If you have any other questions concerning the program, please contact the Director of All-Stars Program: