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Club Mission Statement The Shockwave Volleyball Club is dedicated to providing a competitive volleyball program in the Mid-Columbia region in order to promote the sport of volleyball at an affordable cost.  We are focused on training our players to play to the best of their ability by stressing fundamentals and competitive game play.  At the same time, players will learn the meaning of team, a strong sense of sportsmanship, fair play, and enjoyment of playing the game.
Practice Facilities/Practices Per Week Kennewick School's.  2 practices per week, some teams may practice 3 teams per week.
Do you hold Open Tryouts? YES
Will you have a youth developmental team? NO
Club Dues Cost (Range/Estimate) $450-$900
How many tournaments will you compete in? 7-8 in-state USAV tournaments, post-season based on each individual team's choice and availability.


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