**All results are to be reported by the tournament directors via e-mail to the region office by the Monday following the tournament. Results are usually posted to the website by Wednesday.

**If you see an error, please e-mail the region office so we can verify with the tournament director and update the results.


2013 USAV Girls' Junior National Championship Bid Winners


If you have any pictures for the teams below please email them to the office at:


U12 American-Club Catalyst 12

U13 National- MVA 13 National

U14 American-VIP Juniors 14

U17 National- Club Catalyst 17

U17 American- Splash VBC 17



U12 National- Team Yakima 12 Gold Elite


U14 National- Shockwave VBC 14


U15 National- VIP Juniors 15



U15 American- Club ZZU 15 National



U16 National- Snake River Juniors 16-1



U18 National- Columbia Juniors 18 Black



U18 American- VIP Juniors 18