Referee-Scorekeeping Clinics


All coaches and players must attend a ref/score clinic every season. 

  • Clubs with more than 30 coaches and players must schedule their own clinics.  Contact Linda Kildew at to make arrangements.
  • If you are a club with less than 30 coaches and players, and cannot attend the Spokane area sponsored clinic, you must schedule your own clinic through Linda Kildew at
  • If you have players or coaches who are unable to attend your club-sponsored clinic or the region sponsored clinic, contact the region office for potential opportunities to attend another club's clinic in your area.
  • Club sponsored clinics will cost $100 for the clinician and should last approximately 3 hours.


Spokane Area Region Sponsored Referee/Scorekeeping Clinic

Each season the region sponsors a free ref/score clinic in Spokane.  Those clubs with less than 30 coaches/players may sign up through the region office.  In addition, clubs larger than 30 members may send those who were unable to attend their club sponsored clinic. 

Email Region Office to sign up:

Friday. January 17th, 201 Kennewick HS
Kennewick, WA



Club Sponsored Ref/Score Clinic Schedule

If you need to make up a ref/score clinic please contact the club director for premission to attend their clubs clinic. A small fee may apply, ask the club director if there is a fee involved in attending.