Evergreen Region Power League



The mission of the Evergreen Region Power League is to create more opportunities for players, coaches, and officials to experience the game at a higher level. The Power League provides a highly competitive format that allows participants to foster the skills and understanding necessary to succeed.


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March 19, 2017 Tournament Information

U14 Power League @ Mt. Spokane HS


U16 Power League @ Univeristy HS



Power League Standings

Teams are given points based on their finish in each Power League tournament. These points are added together after each event to determine the overall Power League Champion at the end of the 4 tournaments. 

U14 Power League FINAL Standings (3/22/2017)

U16 Power League FINAL Standings (3/22/2017)


Online Results - NEW THIS YEAR!

ERVA will be utilizing Advanced Event Systems (AES)  to update tournament results throughout the event. This means that you can access the most up-to-date information on your laptop, tablet, or phone! Use the link below:

2017 ERVA Power League Qualifier EVENT RESULTS
Below are the results for the 1/29/17 Power League Tournament after tie-breakers. These final places will be the seeding for the 2/12/17 Power League Tournament.

1/29/2017-U14 Power League Results (after tie-breakers) 

1/29/2017-U16 Power League Results (after tie-breakers)

2/12/2017-U14 Power League Results (after tie-breakers)
2/12/17-U16 Power League Results (after tie-breakers)
3/19/17-U14 Power League Results (after tie-breakers)

3/19/17-U14 Power League Results (after tie-breakers)


January 8th, 2017  |  Qualifying Tournament 

U14: Central Valley High School & University High School
U16: The HUB Sports Center


January 29th, 2017

U14: Mount Spokane High School
U16: Freeman Schools

February 12th

U14: Mount Spokane High School
U16: Central Valley High School

March 19th

U14: Mount Spokane High School
U16: University High School


Overview & Structure

Power League is a series of 4 tournaments hosted by the Evergreen Region for the U14 and U16 age divisions. The first tournament, held in January will be a seeding/qualification tournament, followed by three more tournaments occurring monthly from January - March. The up or down movement of a team in each tournament will determine their final finish in Power League.

Team Sign-Up and Acceptance Into ERVA Power League

All teams will participate in the ERVA Power League Qualifier on January 8, 2017. Teams who do NOT finish in the top 16 will play in the designated alternate tournaments. ERVA has the approval of the designated tournament directors to hold spots in their tournaments for the non-qualifying teams.

2016-2017 Alternate Tournaments:

  • Spike Storm  |  January 29th 
  • Sideout Classic (U14)  |  Adidas CDA Classic (U16)  |  February 12th
  • Shamrock Roll  |  March 18th (U14)  |  March 19th (U16)



In Power League Tournaments, each division will consist of 8 teams. Within each division, teams are snake seeded into 2 pools of 4 teams. Competition includes 4 team pool play followed by single elimination bracket play.

Teams finishing in the bottom 2 of each 8-team division will swap with the top 2 teams from the division below them for the next Power League Tournament (i.e. bottom 2 in Gold swap with top 2 in Silver).


Seeding & Rankings

The first tournament in January will be a seeding tournament. The initial tournament seeding will be based on the previous season’s Regional Championship results, 2016 Power League Rankings, and ERVA Rankings. After the first tournament, the seeding for each Power League tournament will be based on the previous tournament’s results.

ERVA Power League will have its own P.L. ranking to determine seeding for the 3 remaining tournaments, along with determining a Power League Champion.

All Power League tournaments will also be given a Tier P multiplier, which will be higher than a Tier 1 multiplier, and be included into the overall ERVA rankings. The total number of teams in the Power League per age division will be used to determine tournament finish. 


Benefits of Participating in the ERVA Power League

  1. 4 guaranteed tournaments
  2. High quality competition in the 4 tournaments
  3. Tier P multiplier (higher than Tier 1) in regular ERVA Rankings
  4. R1s provided by the Region for Gold and Silver Power League divisions, including pool and bracket play
  5. Top seeding in the National Bid Tournament for GJNC (Top 8 Power League teams will be seeded above any other teams interested in competing in the National Bid Tournament)
  6. Ability to promote your team/club as a member of the ERVA Power League