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Attend a National Referee clinic to enhance your officiating skills and improve your work with other referees.

The National Referee clinic is an in-depth clinic for USAV referees and required for Junior National and National referees. For other referees, it is a great add-on to the region clinic you attend either in person or on Register for the clinic of your choice, including the new online clinic. All National-level referees must attend the National referee clinic every season. Once per certification term, a national-level referee may attend the online clinic.

USAV National Officials Clinic

December 7, 2013 9:00am-12:00pm Gonzaga University
Foley Center
Spokane, WA
Contact: Linda Kildew
Cost: $0-$25


ERVA Regional Officials Clinic

Anyone intrested in working the upcoming USA volleyball season for he ERVA needs to attend either the Spokane or Tri-Cities clinic.

December 7, 2013 2:00pm-6:00pm Gonzaga University
Foley Center
Spokane, WA
Contact: Linda Kildew
December 14, 2013 10:00am-1:00pm Columbia Basin College
GE Building, Rooms 103/102
Pasco, WA
Contact: Linda Kildew
December 29, 2013 2:30-6pm Gongaza University
College Hall-Room 128
Contact: Linda Kildew



All National-level officials received an email with their USAV Code on October 8, 2012 that enables them to register using the appropriate $0 or $20 price.

Registration will close three days before each clinic. Anyone may walk-in, but will be subject to late fees.


Click Here to Register for the Officials Clinic.


Director of Officials & Chair of Referees

Linda Kildew

Chair of Scorekeepers

Barb Twohig

Assignor (all areas)

Linda Kildew

Office Manager

Lindsay Walter
 Office Phone: 509.290.5552

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New Officials & Rules Info

2014 Libero Jersey Contrast Rule

Beginning in the 2014-15 USAV season, the following verbiage will be used in regards to Libero jerseys contrasting with regular team jerseys.

As of SEPTEMBER 1, 2014, it is required that either the Libero or their teammates wear a solid color jersey. The solid color jersey must clearly contrast from the predominant color(s) of the teammates' jersey. Predominant colors are those that appear on approximately half of the body of the uniform jersey.

To be considered solid colored:

a.     Sleeves must be the same color as the body of the jersey

b.     Piping/trim not exceeding 1 inch in total at its widest point may be placed along the seams and may be a different color than the uniform jersey

c.     Lettering and collars can be a different color than the body of the jersey

Numbers must be a contrasting color and meet all other specifications in Rule 4.3.3 and associated USAV regulations

Click here for a handbook on the rule change.


Rules Interpretation

Please see the attached document clarifying rules for the season.

Libero Serving Rule

The libero will be permitted to serve in only one rotation during each set.  For more information visit here.

U12 Step In - No longer in effect

The U12 Step In is no longer allowed.  The rational is that when the lightweight ball was introduced and provided an advantage for the U12's we were supposed to also discontiue the step in.  This is the year for that to occur.

Shared Warm-Up Rule

USAV, in conjuction with our insurance company, have issued a new rule that Shared Warm-ups are not allowed. When a team has the court the other team can not be doing ball handling.

Parent Participation During Warm-Ups

Parents may not be on the court during warm ups to retrieve the volleyballs unless they are USAV member and have had a background check.

U12 Match Officiating

A certified adult must officiate all U12 matches.