Renovators Take Anaheim

Renovators U18 Boys Team Representing the Evergreen Region at the Southern California Boys Junior Invitational

Head Coach, Liz Steinmark, reflects on their time in Anaheim:

"Sunny and 75...almost.

The Anaheim Convention Center was the setting for the Southern California Boys Jr. Invitational. Over 200 boys team from across the nation competed. The Renovators U18 boys team was one of ninety teams within their age bracket to play. None of the nine players had ever attended a national qualifier. 

I drew my inspiration for our mindset from Bruce Brown's book 'Compete' and John Kessel's blog 'We may win, and we may lose.' Controlling the controllables, don't be out hustled, and performance vs. outcome was the framework in which the boys set their minds. Each day that passed the team improved, irregardless of the score, or outcome. They were given the arena and each stepped in with 100% effort and enthusiasm. 

After 3 days of play we finished 3-5, winning our flight. Some may look at this as a failure, I assure you, it was anything but. The team walked away having an experience that left them smiling from ear to ear, a greater sense of team,  and above all an unforgettable memory."