National Service Awards

The criteria for the USAV Meritorious Service Award:

  • Active participation and leadership in volleyball during the current playing season as a coach, offical, and/or administrator.
  • Promotion of volleyball and/or the corporation with the nomination Member Organization
  • Contribution of articles on volleyball in special or regular communication vehicles of the corporation and/or the nominating organization or other such publications having national and/or international distribution
  • Speeches or scholarl presentations that serve to promote volleyball play
  • Research that enhances the coaching, teaching or analysis of volleyball play
  • An active role in major volleyball programs or projects
  • Former recipients are not eligible to receive this award from the same affiliate organization but are eligible to receive the recongnition from other/another affiliate organization.


Past Award Winners


Chris Broom
Gary Louie
Kyle Twohig
Paul Christiansen


Pete Bell
Roland Madany
Walt Tribley
Tom & Donna Bertsch