Montana Elite Juniors VBC


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Club Mission Statement See Club Handbook
Practice Facilities/Practices Per Week

Ursuline Center - 2X per week

Foothills Community Christian School - 2X per week

North Middle School - 2 X per week

Do you hold Open Tryouts? NO
Will you have a youth developmental team? NO
Club Dues Cost (Range/Estimate) $1500-2500
What does the club fee cover? Gym time, tournament entry fees, uniforms, coaching fees, administration fees, travel expenses, hotel, cooler food, coaches per diem, strength and conditioning sessions, bags, and equipment.
Travel - Do parents travel with the team?  Chaperones? Chaperones are required for every tournament and parents must drive players to and from tournaments unless within 30 miles.
How many tournaments will you compete in? 6-8 tournaments; at least 6 require travel.
Beyond paying club dues, what else is expected of player parents? Volunteer at club hosted tournaments, available for team functions and any thing else needed in regard to helping the team.


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