Junior Boys

The Junior Boys Division is made up of athletes ages 18 and under, and the Coaches, Club Directors, and Officials that support and provide opportunities for them. Volleyball is a lifetime sport and a way to not only exercise and compete, but to make friends, create memories, and have FUN!

Introducing Motor MVB

Volleyball people tend to be good people.  Competitive volleyball players seem to develop into productive citizens, leaders and mentors.  And the United States of America needs more leaders and more mentors.

The overarching goal of MotorMVB is to create more opportunities for boys and men to play competitive volleyball.  One of the key areas of the initiative is to expand opportunities for men to play on collegiate teams and to expand the amount of DI and DII teams and DI and DII scholarship opportunities.

Ultimately, nothing is more important than nurturing the spirit and values of the young people of this country.  Thank you for helping us do this on and near the volleyball court!



2016-2017 Competition Calendar

The following calendars include information on the Junior Boys Tournaments that are located in and around the Evergreen Region in each age division:

U14 Calendar

U16 Calendar

U18 Calendar


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