ERVA Elections 2014

The following positions are up for election on the ERVA Executive Board. Please read through the qualifications and submit the required paperwork to be considered for the positions.

Deadline for submission of application paperwork is Friday, May 9, 2014.

Submit to


Assistant Commissioner

1. ERVA Regular Member at least the previous two (2) years.
2. ERVA Board Member at least one (1) of the previous four (4) years.
3. Working knowledge of ERVA and USAV issues and policies.
4. Familiarity with ERVA due process procedures and policies.


Candidates for ERVA Member Consideration:

Kevin Twohig-Assistant Commissioner

Kevin's Statement:
I meet all of the qualifications listed in the Bylaws and continue to have a great love of the game and the people who participate on the court, govern the sport and market and promote volleyball. I have served one term as Assistant Commissioner to Meredith Coupland and am willing and able to serve another. I’m proud of all that the Evergreen Region has accomplished and think there is much more we can do.

Kevin's ERVA Board of Director service began back in 1985 and was ERVA Commissioner from 1991-1996. Kevin has been instrumental in beginning and sustaining multiple volleyball programs and events in the ERVA such as PNQ and Spokane Boys VBC.

Kevin is currently advocating for Brown's Park in Spokane Valley, WA to be converted to a premier volleyball venue.

Kevin recently received the Harold T Friermood Award from USAV in 2013 which is the highest award given by USAV for a long time significant service to the sport of volleyball.


1. ERVA Regular member at least the previous two (2) years.
2. ERVA Board member at least one (1) of the previous four(4) years.
3. Familiarity with organizational accounting, bookkeeping, and reporting practices.


Adult Program Director

1. Substantial experience coaching, organizing, or administering adult teams, clubs and/or events.

Candidates for ERVA Member Consideration:

Kyle Twohig-Adult Program Director


Kyle's Statement:




Kyle has served on the ERVA Board as the adult player representative for the past two years and brought new additions and growth to the volleyball community. Kyle has brought the winters hottest adult indoor volleyball tournament to Spokane. The Spokane Sizzler grew larger in its second year and looks to continue to grow.

Kyle has also been instrumental in renovating Brown's Park sand courts and is a key component in the proposal for converting the park to a premier volleyball venue.

Kyle continues to support adult volleyball throughout the Region and is continually looking for additional ways to continue to grow the game.

Kyle received the ERVA USA Volleyball Robert Lindsay Meritorious Service Award in 2013 for his work in the Region Growing the Game of Volleyball.


Required Application Materials- Deadline: Friday, May 9, 2014

Submit to

1. Submit a Resume and Cover Letter outlining your experience and qualifications for the position you are interested in.

2. Submit a statement to ERVA members to be posted on the website prior to the election stating your interest, experience and intentions of the position you are applying for.