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Club Mission Statement Eclipse VBC is a competitive club in the Evergreen Region of USA Volleyball.  We are committed to teaching players the fundamentals of the sport of volleyball.  We believe in teaching players skills, which will lead them past the lines of the court and follow them through life.  Eclipse VBC is able to provide a club where anyone who has a true love of the game can improve their skills.  Our administration, coaches, players and parents are a proud part of our legacy of leadership and sportsmanship.
Practice Facilities/Practices Per Week HUB Sports Center - 2-3 times per week depending on team and age level.
Do you hold Open Tryouts? YES
Will you have a youth developmental team? YES
Club Dues Cost (Range/Estimate) $250-1600
How many tournaments will you compete in?

Depending on the team level we typically have anywhere from 3-9 tournaments per season.  Club teams play 3 tournaments, all local.  Travel teams will play 5-6 depending typically 1-2 outside of Spokane.  Regional teams 6-8 depending, typically 2-3 out of Spokane and National teams 7+ with 3-4 out of town depending on the tournaments available to each team.  All teams may travel within the Evergreen Region and some may travel to Seattle, Denver, Portland, Las Vegas, Anaheim, Dallas or other National tournaments.


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