Coaches' Code of Ethics

                                                                          COACHES’ CODE OF ETHICS
                                                            USAV-Evergreen Region

Each coach, whether adult or junior, shall be held to the standard of conduct reflected in the
registration form in addition to the USA Volleyball JOV Coaches’ Code of Ethics, adopted by
the Region. Such Code of Ethics includes:


  • All coaches must be adults (minimum 20 years of age) and a registered
    member of the Evergreen Region. If the coach is not 20 years of age,
    he/she is considered a “mentee” and must have a registered member on
    the bench during competition and present at all practices.
  • All coaches must be certified through IMPACT or CAP Clinics to coach in
    any Evergreen Region junior volleyball tournament, Regional Championship
    Tournament, Qualifier, or Junior National Championships.
  • Coaches shall be discouraged from changing clubs/teams during a season.
  • All coaches must inform both players and parents/guardians that they must
    sign a code of conduct, a waiver and release of liability, and a medical
    history and release form to register with the Evergreen Region.
  • Coaches will provide a positive role model and atmosphere in practices and
    matches, act courteous, respectful, and polite to all players, parents, other
    coaches, and officials.
  • No coach will supply, authorize, approve, or encourage the use of drugs,
    alcohol, or tobacco products by his/her players during any practice,
    tournament, or volleyball function.
  • No coach will participate in, require, or condone any action by their players
    which is illegal under either civil or criminal codes.
  • No coach shall authorize, approve, encourage, or condone behavior by
    his/her players that threatens a player’s high school interscholastic, USA
    Volleyball, or NCAA eligibility.
  • A registered adult coach (fully certified) must be present at all
    practices, during team-supervised travel, and during all competition.
  • A player’s payment of membership dues (not including tryout fees) to a club,
    in addition to signing the Letter of Intent, commits them to that team. Each
    club/team representative and coach shall advise players of this commitment.
  • Once a player commits to a team and information is provided to the
    region office, other clubs or teams may not recruit the said player during
    the current USAV season.
  • Players shall not be discouraged from attending multiple tryouts. Players
    should be advised of their right to pre-register as an at-large member prior
    to tryouts, and should be given the freedom to select the team/club for
    which he/she would like to participate.
  • The intent of Junior Volleyball programs is to provide pre-adult players with
    the opportunity to learn the skills to play the sport of volleyball. An
    athlete’s well-being must always be the primary concern of a coach.
  • Disruptive recruiting practices during the high school season are prohibited.
    No coach or club/team representative shall engage in conduct/conversation
    that causes distraction to an athlete during the high school volleyball season.
  • Penalties for any violations of the above-mentioned rules will be enforced
    by the Evergreen Region Ethics Committee.
  • All coaches must sign this code of ethics in order to participate in any
    Evergreen Region sanctioned event. Violation of the Code of Ethics may
    result in sanctions being taken against the coach and/or club involved. Said
    sanctions may extend to the loss of eligibility of the coach, player, team,
    and/or club.
  • Each coach and team representative shall be held responsible for knowing
    the Region’s policies as noted herein and shall be subject to violation of the
    Code of Conduct if such policies are violated.
  • All coaches must attend a region/club sponsored referee & scorekeeper
    clinic EACH season.
  • All coaches must view the Concussion Video and read the
    Concussion Fact Sheet for Coaches before participating in any sanctioned event.


Concussion Video

Concussion Fact Sheet for Coaches

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