Club Wapato

Club Handbook

Club Mission Statement Club Wapato is committed to providing the finest volleyball experience possible for our community of parents, players, and coaches.  We strongly believe that the success of this organization is measured by its excellence both on and off the court and that, by working together, we can all enjoy a successful and productive season.  We value every player within our club and make a commitment to provide the best opportunities for her growth personally, athletically and as a volleyball player.
Practice Facilities/Practices Per Week Wapato Middle School.  3X a week until we start tournament playing.
Do you hold Open Tryouts? YES
Will you have a youth developmental team? NO
Club Dues Cost (Range/Estimate)

None at this time.

What does the club fee cover? We feel at this point in time of starting up the new club, we will not charge a club fee.  What we will do is calculate the cost of the following:  Tryout fee, player fee, tournament fee (will be split among the players on the team with a minimum of 4 tournaments) and uniforms will be purchased individually.
Travel - Do parents travel with the team?  Chaperones? Yes, they will be the ones transporting their own players.
How many tournaments will you compete in?

We hope to compete in at least 4-5 tournaments.  All will require travel.

Beyond paying club dues, what else is expected of player parents? To be a positive aspect to our new club and have patience with the devloping program.


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