Chaperone Responsibilities

                                                                       USA VOLLEYBALL – EVERGREEN REGION
                                                                               CHAPERONE RESPONSIBILITIES

Thank you very much for volunteering to be a junior team chaperone. As a chaperone,
you are assuming certain responsibilities for the welfare of the players under your care,
custody and control. To assist you in knowing what your responsibilities are, we have
created this information sheet for you. Please read and discuss these responsibilities with
the team coach or club director. If you understand and accept these responsibilities,
please enter your name, the name of the club for which you will be a chaperone, and your
DOB (this will serve as your signature) at the bottom of the form .

In order to become a chaperone, I must first register online with Evergreen Region Volleyball
and successfully pass a background screening.

As a chaperone, I understand and take responsibility for the following:

  • At tournaments I understand that it is my responsibility to assist the coach(es) in
    the supervision of the players, and in the coach’s absence, I will be responsible for
    monitoring and overseeing the actions of the players I am supervising. If I must
    leave the facility at any time, I will arrange for another rostered chaperone to
    assume my duties.
  • At each tournament where I am the chaperone, I will sign the team roster
    verifying my presence and introduce myself to the tournament director and day
    official so they are familiar with me, should the coach be unavailable.
  • If for any reason I feel I am unable to carry out any of my responsibilities as a
    chaperone, I will personally contact the team coach or club director and advise
    him/her of my circumstances.
  • I will do everything that is reasonable and prudent to ensure the safety of the
    players while performing any chaperone duties.
  • As a chaperone, I understand that I am working under the direction of the Team,
    Club, Regional Volleyball Association, or USA Volleyball. Any General Liability
    insurance available to the Team, Club, RVA, or USA Volleyball is also made available
    to me while working on behalf of or at the direction of the Team, Club, RVA, or
    USA Volleyball. I further understand that I may be personally responsible and liable
    for any of my actions that fall outside the scope of authority granted to me by the
    Team, Club, RVA, or USA Volleyball.
**IF you will be traveling as a chaperone to an overnight event, OR if you will be
transporting players in your personal automobile, you will also be responbile for the additional responsibilities outline below:

  • IF using my personal vehicle for transporting players, I understand that I am
    responsible for any accidents or injuries to my vehicle, myself or to my players. I
    agree to carry automobile insurance in the amount of 300,000 or more covering the
    vehicle I will use to transport players.
  • As an assigned driver transporting players to and from an event, I will obey all traffic
    laws and will not take any driving risks that will place the players or me in a harmful
    situation. All players as well as myself will wear seatbelts while in the vehicle.
  • I will have a meeting with the players I am chaperoning to discuss the following
              a. Room accommodations – players’ responsibilities and conduct
              b. Curfew
              c. Check-in requirements if the players are going to leave the hotel
              d. Review of departure times and team activity agenda times
              e. Drug, alcohol, and tobacco restrictions
              f. Team meals
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