Board of Directors

At-Large Director

Jonathan Lee

Other Contributions to USA Volleyball or ERVA: Regional Volleyball Association Rep. to the USVBA Board of Directors (2008-present) Regional Operations Division Rep. to the USVBA Board of Directors (2000-2008) Vice President-Regional Operations Division, USVBA (2004-2008) Membership Review Committee Member USVBA (2003-2004) Regional Operations Zonal Rep.-Pacific Zone (2002-2008) Regional Operations Ethics and Compliance Committee Chair (2000-2004) Regional Operations Insurance Committee member (1996-2000) Regional Operations Redistricting Committee Chair Event Arbitrator-USVBA- Since program inception to present. Currently Chair of USVBA E&E Committee Member-Diversity Committee (2006-present) Commissioner Emeritus-ERVA region (2008-present) Other Relevant Organization Activities (e.g., involvement with a USVBA Member Organization(s), the USOC or other sport organizations): Member –Hosting Committee 1997 NCAA Final Four Women’s VB championship. Coordinator for Scoring Crew-World League-Spokane Event Hosting Committee- US National Teams while in Spokane, WA. Host region-Pacific Northwest Qualifier (Junior Olympics Qualifier) Board of Directors-Pacific Northwest Qualifier Inc. Other Involvement in Volleyball (e.g., coaching, teaching, playing and/or supervising): Officer: Cutting Edge Volleyball Club (1991-1996) Has assisted numerous junior volleyball clubs incorporate in the ERVA region. Impact Clinic; CAP-1 USVBA and/or Other Volleyball-Related Honors/Awards: George Fisher Leaders in Volleyball Award - 2014 Dr. Neville “Doc” Booth, Outstanding Commissioner Award- (2006) Joseph B. Sharpless Arbitrator’s Service Award – (2008) Rebecca B. Howard Star Award (2008) ERVA region service award